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NASSCG Third Party Consultants
As third party consultants, our Safety and Security Expertise in the Maritime, Hospitality, Industrial, Environmental, Nuclear, Construction and Executive, HUMAN/CHILD or Asset Protection business units will ensure that your facility and people are in compliance with all applicable regulatory agencies and that your team is ready to move forward in the right direction.
Why Use Third Party Consultants?


• Deletion/Classification of OSHA Citations


• Reduction in OSHA Fines


• Keeping up with OSHA Standards


• Contractual Requirement


• Reduction of Overhead Costs



Sub Chapter M for Maritime

ISO 9001 compliance

OSHAS 18001 Training and Direction

Specific Areas where NASSCG can help include:
OSHA Outreach Safety, Health Training and Risk Assessment


Today's complex work environment is challenged with managing safety performance by event and correction (reactive), rather than assessment and prevention (proactive).

 A proactive risk assessment of your companies safety management systems by NASSCG can assist you as an employer and your contractors in achieving the desired results of an OSHA compliant workplace; while giving your management team and labor force the proper perspective to prevent losses and increase productivity.

Industrial Facility Safety, Security and Asset Protection Services which include Compliance Training and surveillance equipment installations


In this day and age, every corporate team from Safety to Security will go through an OSHA type inspection or audit at some time. 

Are your teams ready and do they have the necessary skills to achieve the goals of the inspection process while addressing and constantly improving the total overall Safety and Security parameters of your facility and organization?

Executive Protection and

Force Team Training


When someone's life is on the line or assets must be protected, there is no room for error, make sure that your security force is the best trained and equipped to handle fast changing situations.

From simple door and facility security guards to secure event planning or high risk executive protection teams, Ballistic Vehicles and state of the art camera and surveillance technology, our people, training programs and REAL WORLD experience, will help you develop the right team according to your specific needs and will mean the difference when things go bad.


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Construction and Project Safety Management

Construction and Building Site Safety has some of the most stringent regulations and training requirements in all the industries that we deal with. You not only have to have the right trades people to do the craft work but the right engineering, design and safety professionals to keep the project rolling along smoothly. There are even times when you will have to have neutral Safety and Engineering professionals as third party observers because of legal or contractual obligations.

NASSCG specializes in this area and we will be a great solution for you over the life of the job or contract.



RCRA, HAZMAT, HAZWASTE, HAZWOPER, HAZCOM and Confined Space are terms most companies know very well. 

What companies might not understand is the severity of the inspections and fines process by OSHA, the EPA, the DOT and other regulatory agencies who can create problems for your business if these items are not handled correctly. 

Let us help you with an assessment of your needs and direction and then assist you in formulating the correct action plan for your plant, job site and people.

National and International Strategic Maritime Safety and Security Program Training


Maritime Security is a very large part of the Homeland Security system of this Nation and NASSCG is ready to help with all ISPS, IMO, USCG and ISM regulations and training. 

Port Specific Facility Security Team Development and Training is very intense worldwide  and a great many of our employees here at NASSCG are Maritime Specialists in areas to include:


• Port State/Flag State Control and Force Team Protection

• Underwater Automated and Remote Operated Vehicles

• International and National Regulatory Agencies

• Underwater/Hydrographic Mapping and Sonar

• Dredging/Replenishment

• Commercial Dive, Hyperbarics and submerged fleet maintenance

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