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We are a complete one stop safety, security and surveillence training, equipment and supply company ready to secure what you hold most dear.
Reach out and lets talk about what we can do for you, your home or your corporate protective strategies.

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For information please contact Tom Bittrich, CEO in Miami, FL at or

Stephen Aykroyd, VPO in Tampa, FL at or 727-688-8724
or please leave your contact info below.
Thank you.
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We here at NASSCG are very interested in our clients and want to hear the stories of those firms, large and small.

We will invest great amounts of time and expertise to help our customers strengthen their future.

Once you become a customer of ours, you actually become a very important part of our family and we feel a duty to help you succeed.

If there is ANY thing we can do to make your business transition smoother, please let me know personally.

Your business partner,

Tom Bittrich, CEO- NASSCG.

Success! Message received.

Sometimes the contact page of a supplier can be the most troublesome for any potential business client because they may not even know what questions they want to ask.

Let us help you by performing a risk free appraisal of your needs both now and for your future with a call or note and see what we can accomplish together !

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